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Convergent evolution in silico reveals shape and dynamic principles of directed locomotion.
bioRxiv 2022
Biazzi RB, Fujita A, Takahashi DY (2022) 
Social-vocal brain networks in a non-human primate.
bioRxiv 2021.12.01.470701; doi:
Takahashi DY, El Hady A, Zhang YS, Liao DA, Montaldo G, Urban A, Ghazanfar AA

Peer-reviewed articles

* = equal contribution
# = co-corresponding authors

Vocal communication

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 Supplementary material
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Emergence of locomotion

Predicting soft robot's locomotion fitness
Proceedings of Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference Companion, 81-82, 2021
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Statistical methods for connectivity analysis

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Stochastic processes

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Medical diagnosis

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Medidas de fluxo de informação com aplicação em neurociência.
(Measures of information flow with application in neuroscience)

My thesis was written in Portuguese. I tried to unify and understand the relationship between different measures of dependence used in neuroscience, physics, econometrics and information theory.